10| Skinny Bridge


10| Skinny Bridge

Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

One of Amsterdam’s many bridges is the beautiful Magere Brug, known to English speakers at the Skinny Bridge. This wooden drawbridge was once so narrow that it was hard for two pedestrians to pass each other. To cope with increasing traffic on the Amstel, a wider bridge replaced the narrow original in 1871.


Amsterdam's most romantic bridge

In the evenings, the charming Magere Brug is very popular with couples and photographers. Thousands of lights romantically illuminate it at night, making the Magere Brug one of the most beautiful bridges in Amsterdam.


Skinny sisters

There is a local legend that the Skinny Bridge was named after the 'magere zussen' (skinny sisters). These two well-off sisters lived on opposite sides of the river. They are said to have had the wooden bridge built to make it easier to visit one another.