Hollandsche Schouwburg (theatre)

This theatre saw many opening performances of Dutch theatre productions, such as ‘Op hoop van zegen’ (on good hope) by Herman Heijermans (1864-1925). The Joodsche Schouwburg (Jewish Theatre) could be found here during the German occupation. Only Jewish performers and spectators were allowed. It served as an assembly point in the summer of 1942, from which tens of thousands of Jewish men, women and children were deported.

The theatre was transformed into a memorial in 1962. An open inner court was created where the former theatre hall and the stage used to be. An obelisk is erected on a pedestal in the form of a Star of David. A wall of names was set up in the front hall in 1993It states all 6,700 family names of the Jews who were deported from the Netherlands and murdered. The memorial is open daily; the first floor accommodates a small exhibition.