Safety information


Safety information

Safety of valuables
A safe is available in your room for your jewellery, camera, cash or other valuables. Please keep your valuables in the safe and ensure that it is locked at all times.

Door peephole
Your room door is provided with a spyhole, which you should use before opening your door (hotel employees are obliged to wear name badges for identification).

Door locks
Your room door is provided with a lock with a double lock function that can be used when you are in your room.

Room key
Keep your room key in a safe and fixed place during your stay. If you lose your key, the reception staff will need to check your identity to provide you with a new key.

Room number
Hampshire The Lancaster Hotel employees have received instructions not to give out registered guests’ room numbers. You can be connected to another room if you give the name of the person concerned to the receptionist. This also applies to guests who call this hotel.

Information and assistance
If you notice suspect activities or items, please contact our reception staff immediately on number 9.